Alpha Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Steven Mostyn


Steven Mostyn


Chairman & CEO of Alpha Recruitment. Top Expert and Best-Selling Author in ★ Recruiting ★ Job-Hunting

Alpha Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offers clients the most cost-efficient RPO solution for filling healthcare roles.

Please see our cost-per-hire difference based on a 100K healthcare employee

Alpha Healthcare RPORetained Executive Search Contingency StaffingMost RPOs
From as low as $3,000 $30,000$20,000$10,000

The reason our solution is so cost-effective is our scientific approach to staffing, where we eliminate steps in the sourcing and recruitment process that results in very low time-to-fill rates. 

The Alpha healthcare RPO difference

  1. Quality of Hire 

We focus on HR behavior interviews ensuring the healthcare talent we submit will meet your expectations. 

  1. We offer free RPO trials

If we do deliver quality candidates to you within 20 hours, you pay nothing. 

  1. Cost Per Hire

Our RPO Healthcare solution is the best cost-per-hire solution from as low as $3,000 per hire. In almost all cases, the cost to staff these roles yourself would be exponentially more. 

  1. Speed of Delivery 

Our ability to source in faster time frames allows our recruitment team to find you top talent in faster time frames. For many roles, we can get your talent to interview within five business days. 

  1. Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced healthcare recruiters who understand the industry. This includes our CEO Steven Mostyn author of the all-time best-selling recruitment book Recruiting 101 

  1. Customer Service

We emphasize customer service, and our team is available to assist you and answer any questions you have throughout our RPO engagement with you.  

  1. Access to our Real-Time CRM System 

Our real-time CRM tracking system will track in real-time the progress of your RPO project 

  1. Ability to handle large projects

Our team can handle large enterprise projects and has experience filling projects requiring hundreds of open requisitions with different kinds of openings. 

Our RPO Healthcare Process:

  1. We do deep intake sessions to truly understand your facility and the kind of healthcare talent you are looking to hire. 
  2. We research your market and competitors finding the best healthcare talent available.  
  3. We use advanced recruitment marketing and sourcing techniques to attract top healthcare talent.  
  4. We do deep HR behavior interviews, ensuring the healthcare talent will meet your skills and organizational culture.  
  5. We submit candidates and work with your staff through the entire recruitment lifecycle. With an emphasis on the most effective ways to get candidates through your hiring process. 

Healthcare RPO projects

  1. Single positions 

This is where our team fills only one role for your organization 

  1. Staffing for new facilities or departments 

       This is where our team wills positions for new facilities, departments, or a new hospital wing. 

  1. Short terms RPO Projects

This is where our team fills many roles on a short-term project basis 

  1. Long-term RPO Project

This is where our team fills many roles on a long-term project basis 

  1. Complete outsourcing solutions 

This is where an organization completely outsources its staffing to us 

  1. Leverage knowledge

This is where you use an RPO to fill roles you have no experience filling. 

  1. To handle the increase in roles to fill

Our team is a great way to handle the increase in staffing needs without putting pressure on your HR staffing budgets. 

  1. Outsource Part of your hiring process 

This is where an organization outsources part of its hiring processes, such as sourcing, recruitment marketing, hiring events, recruitment coordination, behavior interviews, credentialing, and background checks. 

RPO Healthcare Projects we have experience with

  1. Nurses
  2. Allied roles 
  3. Dentists 
  4. Executive Roles 
  5. Medical Assistants 
  6. Dental Assistants 
  7. Nurse Assistants CNAs 
  8. Physician  
  9. Nurse Educator
  10. Nurse Case Manager
  11. Home Health Aide
  12. Licensed Practical Nurse
  13. Dental Assistant
  14. Dental Hygienist
  15. Nurse Practitioner
  16. Surgical Technicians 
  17. Pharmacy Technician
  18. Medical Technician
  19. Lab Technician
  20. Pharmacist
  21. EMT
  22. Physical Therapist
  23. Radiologic Technologist
  24. Laboratory Technologist
  25. Occupational Therapy Aide
  26. Speech-Language Pathologist
  27. Respiratory Therapist
  28. Occupational Therapist
  29. Surgical Technologist
  30. Phlebotomist
  31. Physician Assistant
  32. Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
  33. Medical Transcriptionist
  34. Physical Therapy Assistant
  35. Dietician

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"I have worked for a few great leaders during my 12 years as a professional. One person who stands out among those great leaders, is Steven Mostyn. I was challenged, mentored and developed the most under his leadership. His genuine compassion and love for his team resonated throughout the entire Talent Acquisition Department. Steven's desire and drive for us to be the best in the industry is what led to 90% of the team exceeding their monthly and annual metrics/goals. He definitely embodies servant-leadership. I would not hesitate to work under the incomparable wisdom and leadership of Steven in the future."


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