Why hire an RPO firm to recruit nurses


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Why hire an RPO firm to recruit nurses

Many healthcare facilities struggle in meeting the demand of hiring enough nurses. Due to this big demand, many healthcare Systems look to gain the advantage of finding new ways to fill their staffing needs. One way to ensure your system fills their nursing needs is to hire an RPO firm who have a track record of filling nurses. 

The following article will explain in detail why hiring an RPO can solve your systems issues of filling your nurse hiring needs.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?  

For those not familiar with Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services these are recruitment firms that do recruitment on a consulting basis. This can vary from outsourcing part of your recruitment process such as sourcing to complete outsourcing of a corporate Talent Acquisition Department.

The top reasons to hire an RPO firm to fill your nursing roles

  1. Struggling to fill nurse roles

Probably the biggest reason why healthcare organizations hire RPO’s to fill nurse roles is usually due to struggling to fill nurse roles. In this instance, the RPO takes care of the issue and fills the needed nurse roles for the health system. 

  1. Save costs of hiring nurses

Filling nurse roles can be very expensive for hospital systems. This can be the case internally when you factor in labor costs and the cost of sourcing tools. When it comes to internal recruitment most healthcare firms spend over $5,000 per nurse hire. In addition, many health systems use vendors like contingent or retained staffing firms that charge 20% fees on average. So, on a $75,000 nurse the healthcare system would be paying $18,750 per nurse. 

With the cost of hiring nurses sometimes resulting in big expenses RPOs can be a great way to save money for your healthcare system. Not all RPOs are the same but a very good RPO can get you nurses at around $4,000 per hire. My own firm Alpha Recruitment’s cost per hire or nurses average less than $2,00 per hire. 

  1. Do not have the internal capacity to hire nurses 

A final reason why some healthcare systems use RPO firms to fill nurse roles is not having the internal recruitment staff capacity to fill the roles. The lack of capacity might include not having a dedicated recruitment team, being understaffed, turnover of staff, mat leave, or a massive project like a new hospital.  

Be careful about what RPO firm you use to hire nurses

One important thing I must stress is not all RPO firms are the same. There are many unreputable RPO firms that overpromise and under deliver. This can result in paid consulting fees with no results. 

To ensure that the RPO can deliver for your healthcare firm have them do a free small trial run. Make it where if the RPO firm does not deliver a specific goal like 1 nurse in 20 hours you pay nothing. 

What is different about Alpha Recruitment’s RPO?

  1. We offer free RPO trials  

We offer 20 hours and if we do not deliver, you pay nothing.  

  1. The best cost per hire in the industry

Our cost per hire is less than $2,000 per hire

  1. Experts in the science of sourcing nurses 

My sourcing technique is based on 25 years of recruitment research and refining techniques. Many of my techniques can be found in my over 100 articles on the topic and 4 books, including my book Recruiting 101: The Fundamentals of Being a Great Recruiter

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