Is healthcare recruiting a good career?


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Is healthcare recruiting a good career?

A question I have been asked by many people over the years is healthcare recruiting a good career? The answer to this question is an absolute yes. The following article will explain in detail why healthcare recruiting is a good career choice. 

  1. Long term outlook for healthcare recruiting

With a global recession occurring many industries will be affected by a poor economy. Healthcare is not one of these industries as unfortunately people get sick and healthcare employees are needed despite the economy. With many other recruiters in other industries not having a stable time of things with layoffs those in healthcare will continue to have a boom time. 

In addition, there will be a mass shortage of healthcare employees for at least the next 10 years which means that healthcare recruiters will be needed to recruit healthcare employees. A simple supply and demand ratio indicates that healthcare recruiting either in agency, RPO, and corporate will be needed over the next 10 plus years. 

  1. Healthcare recruiting is a profitable career choice 

In a recent article I wrote for I wrote about recruiter compensation and realistic compensation expectations. In terms of healthcare recruiter salaries beginner agency recruiters can expect to make $40,000 with another $20,000 to $50,000 in compensation. 

For corporate the starting salary is also $40,000 with usually a 5% yearly bonus. For experienced healthcare recruiters the very best agency recruiters can make over $250,000+ and the best corporate healthcare recruiters can make over $100,000+.

  1. Healthcare recruiting is an exciting Job 

If you like excitement and not doing the same thing every day, then a career in healthcare recruiting could be for you.  The thrill of getting someone hired and all the activities of recruiting talent is the kind of job where you will never look at your watch.  I always tell my employees the day I do not enjoy recruiting talent is the day I need to hang up my phone. 

  1. Healthcare recruiting can be done from anywhere 

The great thing about healthcare recruiting is it can be done from almost anywhere. Most agency and RPO recruitment firms allow their employees to work from home. In addition, more and more health systems are allowing for virtual employees. 

  1. Helping people get their dream job is very rewarding 

There are not many jobs where you can say that you are changing people’s lives. This is the case with healthcare recruiters where you can help people land their dream job or increase their salaries. As a result of helping people land a better job result in many healthcare recruiters feeling they are doing something good with their lives. 

  1. Recruiting healthcare employees is beneficial for society 

Recruiting healthcare employees is beyond beneficial for society as the people you get hired save people’s lives. Of all things to recruit for saving people lives might be one of the biggest services a recruiter can do. 

  1. Healthcare recruiting has more career options than you think

Healthcare recruiting has many options in terms of career options this can include the following:

  1. Agency or corporate or RPO

As mentioned before healthcare recruiting has three main options working internally at an agency or a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm

  1. Different segmentations

Healthcare has many different segmentations you can work in including nurses, allied, physician, midlevel’s, Corporate and executives 

  1. Different types of healthcare organizations 

Hospitals, Healthcare Systems, Rehabilitation Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Clinics, Dental clinics, Acute Care Medical Centers, Sub-Acute Hospitals, Bio-medical, pharmaceutical companies, Pharmacies (Retail), Medical Research, Insurance Companies, Home Health Agencies, Medical Lavatories (Labs), Schools, Prisons, Outpatient clinics, medical imaging centers, Medical Practices, & Government institutions

  1. Different kinds of healthcare recruitment roles 

Healthcare Recruitment can be divided into different tole such as the following:

Full life cycle Recruiter – usually do all parts of a recruiter job 

Sourcing – usually do the research side of recruiting and hunt and cold call talent 

Recruiting Assistant – assist healthcare recruiters with back-office paperwork and sometimes references and credentialing 

Recruitment Marketing – this role focuses on the marketing side of recruitment in terms of where to advertise recruitment roles. As well as how to create SEO centric job descriptions 

Campus Recruiter – This role focuses on recruiting new grad healthcare talent and doing on campus hiring events.  

Recruitment HRIS Specialist – These individuals work with the technology that supports recruiters such as ATS and CRM systems.  

Healthcare Recruitment Account Manager – These roles are on the agency side and specialize in sales in terms of finding new clients or servicing current clients 

  1. Healthcare recruiting has lots of advancement potential 

Healthcare recruitment has lots of advancement potential where people start as entry level recruiters and then can advance into the following depending on if they work in agency/RPO or corporate or the size of the organization. This includes the following:

Management – In either agency/RPO or corporate if you do a good job as a healthcare recruiter you can be promoted into Recruiter supervisors/Team leaders. From there you can be promoted into Recruitment Managers then even directors or VP of recruitment. 

Own your own recruitment firm – If you work agency after learning enough about healthcare recruitment you can start your own healthcare recruitment firm

  1. Healthcare recruiting can gain you a trade for life  

Many people today struggle with developing a career that gives them a lifelong trade. Healthcare recruiting gives you an option of a career that can keep you gainfully employed with lots of upside potential. 

  1. Healthcare recruiting has an easy entry point 

A great thing about starting a career as a healthcare recruiter is the fact there is an easy entry point for new recruiters. There is currently no nationalized certification or education that is needed to gain entry as a healthcare recruiter. Some healthcare systems might require a complete bachelor’s degree, why others will not require this. Also, an easier entry for health care recruiters is to start your career with an agency or RPO who do hire people with no previous healthcare recruiting experience. 

I must add be careful when starting your healthcare recruiting career and taking a healthcare recruitment job with an agency or RPO that will teach you about healthcare recruiting fundamentals. Your first year should be more about learning rather than thinking about a big pay day. 

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